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CARI is committed to protecting children from harm. The welfare of children is of paramount importance and CARI services endeavour to safeguard children. 

CARI is in full agreement with inter-agency co-operation and recognise the benefits of reporting. CARI are committed to reporting allegations and incidences of child abuse that come to our attention. 

While CARI primary aim is providing therapy for children and young people who have experienced sexual abuse, we also strive to campaign on issues related to child sexual abuse and be a voice for our child clients.   

Balancing the Rights of a Person Subject of Abuse Allegation (PSAA) with the Child’s Right to Protection 

CARI respect that this is a complex area of the law and practice and that everyone has a right to fair procedures but CARI are concerned that it may be at the expense of traumatized and vulnerable children and adults who have been sexually exploited.    

This policy is prioritizing the rights of the Person Subject of Abuse Allegation (PSAA) over the rights and wellbeing of the children who has experienced sexual abuse and adult survivors of abuse.  

These proposals are driven by fear of litigation from alleged offenders. It is imperative we recognise that disclosing or discussing sexual abuse experiences is difficult, for adults and even more so for children. CASP draft proposals is placing an unfair burden on children who have experienced sexual abuse, their parents and adult survivors.  

Priority is not being given to children and adult survivors and the trauma and emotional distress they have experienced is not being recognised. CASP is not considering the impact and challenges they will experience as a result of these proposals.  

CARI is concerned about the possible potential re-traumatization of children and adult survivors by Tusla Child Substantiation Practice (CASP). We cannot risk children and adult survivors being re traumatized by the services that are there to protect them.