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The Impact of our Work

CARI provides therapy services for children, adolescents and families affected by sexual abuse or sexually harmful behaviour. We also support professionals who work with children and families. 

In 2022


We provided 2853 sessions of therapy and support to children and families.

We handled over 3925 Therapy and Support Calls


New Clients contacted CARI in 2022


Child and Parent Therapy Sessions


Advice Appointments


Parent Support Sessions


Professional Meetings


Children in Therapy


Adults Supported

Impact On Children and Adolescents

CARI provides child-centred therapy for children and adolescents who have been affected by sexual abuse. CARI also provides therapy to children up to the age of 12 who present with sexually harmful behaviours. Sexual abuse can have traumatic short and long-term effects on children and teenagers. However, early intervention can have a hugely positive impact.

Impact on Parents and Carers

Finding out that your child may have been sexually abused is one of the most devastating, unthinkable events a parent can experience. CARI provides parents with a safe space to speak about the unspeakable, and they are offered support in dealing with their own feelings. In supporting the parents, we are also supporting the child.

How Therapy Offers Hope

CARI’S therapy services enable a child to express and explore his/her feelings and make sense of their experiences in a safe environment. At CARI we use different therapeutic modalities to enable the child/ adolescent to explore their feelings. These include talking, play therapy and art therapy and they help children and adolescents develop a healthy way of coping with their feelings.  Therapy progresses at the child’s pace and they can have as much or as little time as they need. Therapy sessions are usually held weekly.

At CARI, we see positive changes taking place before our eyes, as children go through therapy. They begin to feel safe and to trust those around them. In our experience, with the right support and therapy, child victims of sexual abuse can live life to their full potential. Therapy helps them process the intense feelings of shame, guilt, confusion and hurt they face. It also helps to reduce mental health problems and addiction issues and enables them to enter into healthy relationships in the future.

CARI creates hope, trust and confidence, enabling these children and families to recover and reach their full potential.