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National Helpline Service (Dublin based)

The Cari Helpline is a national helpline service providing emotional support to children who have been effected by sexual abuse and their families. The helpline can be used by families at times of crisis as an emotional support or on an ongoing basis. The helpline provides information and referrals for other services, to parents and young people and also to professionals seeking guidance and support.

Full training is provided for all helpline operators

Garda vetting is required

If you are interested in a position on the helpline or can volunteer hours, please contact Donna Faulkner at or call 01-8308529.

CARI are recruiting VOLUNTEERS for Child & Family Accompaniment in Rotunda Sexual Assault Treatment Unit (SATU) & CARI Helpline

CARI Forensic Volunteer

‘’Would You Like To Make A Difference In A Child’s Life’’

CARI recognises the importance and value of volunteers.  It is only due to the charitableness of our volunteers that we can continue to provide vital services to the public.

We would like to thank all our past and present volunteers for your time and professionalism you have demonstrated over the years.

CARI provide Forensic Accompaniment to children/young people and their families who attend the Barnahus unit in Galway & also Rotunda Sexual Assault Treatment Unit (SATU), Dublin.

CARI Forensic Accompaniment Volunteers Experiences





If you are interested in volunteering for CARI or any queries please email

‘’From Compassion to Action’’

CARI Volunteer Recruitment Process

Open Night

The Open Night is the first step in our volunteer recruitment drive. CARI staff and volunteer members will present a background and overview of the services involved.  It further provides the interested candidates with an overall insight into the process of becoming a forensic accompaniment officer, from training to attending the unit and offering the candidate an opportunity to clarify any questions. A schedule of the interview dates will be provided and training dates. 

Application Process 

We invite those interested to complete a Volunteer Application form and interview dates are arranged (Applications forms can be downloaded below)


Interviews dates are arranged with candidates.  The candidate is informed by email of the interview outcome.  If the candidate is successful, their next process training programme.  We do not award the position to an applicant until the end of training and closing interview.

Training Course

Our training process is over two weekends, which takes place on a Saturdays & Sundays, beginning from approx. 10am-4pm. Training is covered over two-weekends (8 modules).

Closing Interview

After the second and final training weekend, a closing, reflective interview takes place.  This gives a space for CARI and the candidate to reflect on positives, concerns or questions regarding the role and any dynamics that may have risen from the training. 

Sign Volunteer Agreement

On the closing interview all volunteers must sign CARI documents agreeing to comply with CARI’s policies on Child Protection, Data Protection, Confidentiality, Supervision, and ongoing training etc. A photo will be required for I.D badges. 

Reference Check 

We ask for two references whom we contact. Each applicant has to have two completed CARI reference application forms. 

Garda Vetting 

In line with current legislation our volunteers must be undergo Garda vetting. We supply the relevant Garda vetting forms, the applicant will complete and attached relevant I.D.  This completed forms will be given over to CARI Garda vetting officer.  Any further queries will be address by CARI vetting officer.  

Going Live on CARI Rota 

Once Garda vetting has been processed and passed the forensic accompaniment officer is sent a 3-monthly rota and will provide their availability.  Volunteers will be given 4 shifts a month, but we encourage volunteers to include as many shifts as possible, to allow flexibility with other volunteer’s availability, to give more coverage in the rota. Although the forensic accompaniment officer must be available for the entirety of their shift, they only attend the unit when a child/young person is attending.  

Galway Barnahus services are divided into

  • AM shift = 8am – 4pm 
  • PM shift = 4pm – 8 am 

Dublin SATU services are divided into      

  • AM shift = 7am – 7pm
  • PM shift = 7pm – 7am

Annual Ongoing Training 

Our volunteers can avail of ongoing training during their time with CARI. We provide annual tailored training to our volunteers. Our training includes a diverse range of relevant topics. 

The information below can also be found  on the Forensic Accompaniment page.

Forensic Accompainment Services 

When a child/young person attends the Barnahus or Dublin SATU for a forensic examination, it can be a very intense and traumatic time for all. During the family’s time at the unit they may have many questions and need emotional support. Not only do the volunteers provide a supportive and informative assistance throughout the child/young person’s and their family’s time at the unit, part of their role is to facilitate the parent/guardian’s referral to our Aftercare Support Service.

Galway – Forensic Accompaniment in the Barnahus unit 

Barnahus is the only unit in Ireland to provide a 24-hour service for young people from ages 0 -14,  who have been harmed by sexual abuse. Barnahus provides an integrated forensic medical service for children and their families/carers involved. This service addresses the forensic needs of children, who are victims of rape, sexual assault or suspected child sexual abuse, either recent or historical abuse.

Our Galway Volunteers

Since 2014 we have been accompaning children and their families who have attended the Barnahus forensic unit. This is provided by a 24-hour rota throughout the whole year. 

During the family’s time at the unit they may have many questions and need emotional support. 

Dublin – Forensic Accompaniment in the Sexual Assault Treatment Unit (SATU), Rotunda  

SATU provides an integrated forensic medical service for young people from 14 – 15 years, who have been harmed by sexual abuse, who are victims of recent or historical rape, sexual assault or suspected child sexual abuse. 

Our Dublin Volunteers

Since 2016 we have accompanied young people and their families who have attended the Dublin SATU. This is provided by a 24-hour rota throughout the whole year. 

In addition to our on-site accompaniment service we also offer and provide our Aftercare Support Service to any adult involved in supporting a child through the forensic process. This service aims to support the family after their child has attended a forensic examination. This is a client led service and as such lasts for as long, or as short, as the family needs. 

Forensic Aftercare Support Service

Our Forensic Aftercare Support Service is offered to all adults involved in supporting a child after a forensic exam has taken place. Aftercare Support Service is a phone support that families can avail of, free of charge, which provides a client led, empathic and supportive space. If a person wishes to avail of this service, a Forensic Care Support Officer will contact them shortly after attendeding either units. This service helps families from feeling isolated and provides a space for an individual to clarify any questions they may have, e.g What do I do next? How can I help the child? etc. From our experience of working with families we understand there are some common themes that occur post examination such as anger, sadness, guilt, or shame, our aim is to ensure noone has to face these feelings alone.

If you would like to know more about our volunteering please contact our Forensic Accompaniment Team on 01 8308 529 / 087 707 2521 or email