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Child and Adolescent Therapy

  • CARI provides child-centred therapy for children and adolescents who have been affected by sexual abuse.  CARI also provides therapy to children, up to (and including) twelve year olds, who present with sexually harmful behaviour
  • CARI is a post assessment therapy centre and child protection concerns must have been reported to the TUSLA before therapy can commence. However, we can see parents for ongoing support sessions while their child is awaiting and undergoing the TUSLA child sexual abuse assessment.
  • While CARI sees the child as the primary client of our work, we believe that it is important to work with the child’s family – his/her non-abusing parents and siblings – in order to effect any real change for the child. CARI will involve, where appropriate, extended family members who are in a position to assist in the child’s recovery – either by directly supporting a child or as a supportive ally to the parent/carer. If the child is in the care of the TUSLA, CARI will work with the foster parents, residential care staff and social worker responsible for the child.
  • Take a virtual tour of CARI HQ (Dublin) & CARI Limerick! View our play therapy rooms where children can work through their traumatic experiences and feelings. Therapeutic intervention may take place in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of the child and family. Each case is worked with individually and the most suitable approach for the particular child is used. The therapeutic approach and ethos is focused on the wellbeing of the child.

Criteria for referrals:

  • Children who have disclosed sexual abuse and whose disclosure have been investigated by the appropriate authorities.
  • Children who witness reported sexual assaults on a child or adult.
  • Siblings of the above
  • Children affected by information regarding sexual abuse of a child and/or who may have been the confidant of a disclosure provided that the relevant authorities have been informed.
  • Children who have engaged in sexually harmful behaviour up to (and icluding) 12 years olds.

Referral forms for professionals can be obtained from our Care Line on 0818 924567


  • The therapeutic team at CARI is made up of trained and experienced psychotherapists with clinical backgrounds including psychology, art therapy and play therapy. Each client is offered an appropriate therapy/treatment plan for their specific needs which is formed in conjunction with the allocated therapists, child and parents/carers.  All therapists at CARI are child-centred in their approach.  All therapeutic work is clinically supervised by an external consultant, and subject to clinical line management.