Spring Into Action for Children

“Coming to CARI has changed my life”

Thanks to your generosity and continued support this past year, we have taken 50 children off our waiting
list. We have also provided 2200 therapy hours, 60 Training Hours, taken 1000 Helpline calls and 200 Children
have been supported by CASS our Child Court Accompaniment Support Service.

Join our Spring into Action for Children Campaign! Have you ever considered hosting a Coffee Morning for CARI with friends? Perhaps a Bake Sale in your local community? Could you take a small CARI Charity Collection Box for the counter in your workplace?

Challenge Yourself for Children!

Are you or your family or friends running or partaking in any sporting event this year? Fundraising is a great way to keep motivated during training and also a positive way of spreading awareness about causes that you care about.
With your help we have transformed children’s lives but there’s still work to be done. From as little as €10 you can help make a difference in the life of a child in CARI.

#SpringIntoAction for Children

€10 will provide art materials for a child to express
themselves through art therapy.

€30 will buy a therapeutic toy/game for a child for their
use in child therapy.

€60 will provide a patient carer who is in need of immediate
and urgent assistance in dealing with a situation of child
abuse with a one-to-one advice appointment or crisis

€100 will give 3 hours of support for a child in court with
our Child Accompaniment Support Officer.

€250 will provide two hours of therapy for a child who has
experienced CSA and simultaneously two hours of support
for a parent/carer.

Together we have helped children to grow into adulthood defined not by their abusive experiences
but by their individuality and creativity.  How many more children can you shine a light for?