Please support our 5k a Day Appeal


Please support our 5k a Day Appeal



The CARI Foundation was established in 1989.

CARI was established to address the needs of children, families and groups affected by child sexual abuse, regardless of means and provide a child centred specialised therapy and assist the recovery process.

CARI was founded by a group of medical, business and lay people concerned about the absence of services for children who were beginning to disclose their experiences of child sexual abuse. The very first services for women had just been set up and Ireland was only beginning to acknowledge the level of sexual crime in the country. The original founders hoped that CARI would provide a comprehensive service for children and families facing the consequences of experiencing sexual abuse.

CARI believes that children have a right to a service that respects their freedom of expression and right to child centred services. CARI respects the strength and resilience of children and design our services to build on this strength, enabling children to grow into adulthood defined not by their abusive experiences but by their individuality and creativity.

Services for children affected by sexual abuse across the country are patchy and inadequate and sadly much less developed that those for adults who were abused in their childhood.

CARI provides specialist therapeutic services to children and families affected by child sexual abuse. These include:

  • Child centred specialised therapy and support
  • Parental support
  • Care Line 

CARI Foundation asks clients to make a voluntary donation according to means for its clinical service. This includes all appointments, assessments and therapy sessions. This donation is regardless of numbers of sessions given to the client or client’s family in the week. 

We acknowledge there may be those for whom even a minimal contribution is not possible and in those cases therapy will still be provided. 

CARI has two full time centres in Dublin and Limerick that provide a service to the wider region. The Dublin centre clients come from the greater Dublin and Leinster area and the Limerick centre clients come from Limerick, Clare and Tipperary. 

CARI has provided an average of 2,350 hours of therapy a year in the past five years. There are approximately 100 families per year (120 adults and 70 children) that have been helped since 2006.

No the child centred therapy and support services provided by CARI are not residential.

Yes CARI is a registered charity managed by a Board of Directors and a company limited by guarantee and has therefore produced audited accounts since its foundation in 1989. Charity number CHY 9491

CARI is dependent on State funding from the Tusla and other statutory agencies and on voluntary contributions raised through community and corporate fundraising.

  • CARI depends on continuing public support to ensure that our vital work with children and families can continue and grow.
  • We also rely on volunteer assistance and active fundraising to allow us to provide a wide range of services for those who need them.
  • Here are a few examples of the many ways you could help us raise much needed funds by becoming a fundraiser for CARI.
  • By taking part in one of the many and varied CARI events each year; search @caricharity on social channels for more