Forensic Accompaniment

21 January 2020 – Vacancy: Forensic Aftercare Support Officer

We provide Forensic Accompaniment to children/young people and their families who attend the Barnahus unit in Galway & also Rotunda Sexual Assault Treatment Unit (SATU), Dublin.

When a child/young person attends the Galway Barnahus or Dublin SATU for a forensic/medical examination, it can be a very intense and traumatic time for all. Not only do the volunteers provide a supportive and informative assistance throughout the child/young person’s and their family’s time at the unit, part of their role is to facilitate the parent/guardian’s referral to our Aftercare Support Service.

Forensic Accompaniment Services

Galway – Forensic Accompaniment in Barnahus 

Barnahus is the only unit in Ireland to provide a 24-hour forensic/medical service for young people from ages 0-14, who have been harmed by sexual abuse. Barnahus provides an integrated forensic medical service for children and their families/carers involved. This service addresses the forensic needs of children, who are victims of rape, sexual assault or suspected child sexual abuse, either recent or historical abuse.

Our Galway Volunteers

Since 2014, we have been accompanying children and their families who have attended the Barnahus unit. This is provided by a 24-hour rota throughout the whole year.

Dublin – Forensic Accompaniment in the Sexual Assault Treatment Unit (SATU), Rotunda 

SATU provides an integrated forensic/medial service for young people from 14 – 15 years, who have been harmed by sexual abuse, who are victims of recent or historical rape, sexual assault or suspected child sexual abuse.

Our Dublin Volunteers

Since 2016 volunteers have accompanied children and their families who have attended the Dublin SATU. This is also provided by a 24-hour rota throughout the year.


During the family’s time at the unit they may have many questions and need emotional support.  In addition to our on-site accompaniment service we also offer and provide our Aftercare Support Service to any adult involved in supporting a child/ren through the forensic/ medical process. This service aims to support the family after their child has attended a forensic/medical examination. This is a client led service and as such lasts for as long, or as short, as the family needs.

Our Forensic Aftercare Support Service is offered to all adults involved in supporting a child after a forensic/medical exam has taken place. Aftercare Support Service is a phone support that families can avail of, free of charge, which provides a client led, empathic and supportive space. If a person wishes to avail of this service, a CARI Aftercare Support Officer will contact them if requested or the family can alternatively contact CARI. This service prevents families from a feeling of isolation and provides a space for an individual to clarify any questions they may have, e.g. What do I do next? How can I help the child? etc. From our experience of working with families we understand there are some common themes that occur post examination, such as anger, sadness, guilt, or shame. Our aim is to ensure no one has to face these feelings alone.

If you are interested in becoming a CARI volunteering or have any queries please email or call Grace Jordan on 01 8308 529 (Mon-Fri. – 9.30am – 5.30pm)