What our service users say about our services

  • CARI was a last resort by my daughter has come on leaps and bounds
  • The whole family would have fallen apart it we hadn’t had the help
  • CARI was the most valuable asset we had in dealing with our situation
  • Counselling is just fantastic – so open, we felt at ease
  • I did not know that I needed to protect my child from other children.
  • I got more answers from you in the last 10 minutes than I did from the professional my child has been seeing for the last year.
  • Thank you so much. My child has gone from acting like a 4 year old to being a 14 year old overnight. I felt so supported by you. You are a saint. Thank you so much.
  • This is a fantastic service. Why have I never heard of you before?
  • The relief I feel speaking to somebody who understands is amazing. Thank you for listening.