Did You Hear Me Crying - Cassie Moore

Cassie Moore’s story is a powerful, true tale of survival through 45 years of Sexual, Physical and Emotional Abuse. Hers is a book that should never have needed to be written, let alone experienced.

In her shocking memoir, Did You Hear Me Crying, Cassie Moore gives a very open and honest description of how she suffered and survived a lifetime of abuse. She describes:

  • The sexual, physical and emotional abuse she suffered at the hands of her Stepfather and Mother, who then sold her for marriage at the age of 16 to a wealthy farmer
  • The heartbreak she suffered when she naively left her 22 month old baby girl behind when she fled to London with the man she fell in love with, only to be abused by him for a further 23 years
  • The self loathing, depression and despair she felt during those lonely years
  • The enormous sacrifices she had to make to save herself and start a new life

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Proceeds from Did You Hear Me Crying benefit Women's Aid, Barnardos and CARI.

Publication Date: 25th November 2012
Retail Price: £14.99
ISBN: 978-1-906954-59-8

Did You Hear Me Crying Cassie Moore
“CARI warmly welcomes this brave and important piece of writing. While sexual abuse is not the taboo subject of previous decades it is still prone to secrecy and shame. Children largely do not speak and their stories are unheard like their cries. Cassie’s story in all its harrowing detail is important in lighting up this still dark place.”
Mary Flaherty (CEO) CARI

Media Coverage (Broadcast & Print Media)

The Chrissy B Show Sky 203 9:30pm (15th October 2012)
The Chrissy B Show (56) Just Love Me, Not Hurt Me

In this edition, Chrissy meets Cassie Moore, a survivor of multiple abuse, as she tells her heart-rending story. Cassie shows that abuse doesn't have to end your life or make you a victim forever.

Irish Examiner (7th November 2012)
I felt I was going to be murdered or die by my own hand’