Annual Report Launch 2016

Annual Report Launch 2016

Child Victims of CSA continue to wait for Services and Justice
Speaking at the launch by Minister Charles Flanagan of CARI’s 2016 Annual Report CARI CEO Mary Flaherty stated, ‘Despite increase in therapeutic hours offered and child clients seen, waiting lists continue to grow in 2016 and waiting times continue to increase.’ In December 2016, there were 97 waiting for CARI therapy services. Many of these vulnerable children could be waiting up to a year at current capacity. This is unacceptable.’  

CARI’s CASS and Helpline Manager Eve Farrelly says ‘In 2016 our accompaniment services expanded and we supported more children and families than ever. Our unique position of accompanying at the point of initial forensic examination and supporting cases that progress to criminal court we allow us to understand the different challenges that families face at different stages of criminal proceedings.’

Eve went on to say ‘the children that we support through the criminal trials have shown that children are still subject to excessive delays. We took 23 cases from 2016 and analysed their dateline. We found that children on average spend 5 years from between the crime taking place to the end of the criminal proceedings.’ Eve went on to say ‘It is our view that a 5-year time span out of a child’s life is too long. This excessive amount of time can lead to the secondary victimisation of our already extremely vulnerable.’

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Mary Flaherty, CARI CEO
Eve Farrelly, CARI CASS and Helpline Manager