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CARI Calls on GardaĆ­  to Act Against the 1000 Sexual Offenders Identified by Primetime Programme

CARI calls on Gardai to act against the 1000 sexual offenders identified by Primetime programme.

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CARI Today Welcomed the 14 year Sentence Imposed on a Father

CARI today welcomed the 14 year sentence imposed on a father convicted of the serial rape and abuse of his son then aged 12 to fifteen years.

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CARI Welcomes the Decision by Gerry Adams

CARI welcomes the decision by Gerry Adams to speak openly about the issues of intergenerational abuse in his own family.

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CARI Welcomes the Announcement y the All-Party Oireachtas Committee

CARI welcomes the announcement by the all-party Oireachtas Committee on their decision to recommend a wording for a referendum on the rights of the child.

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