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18 November European Day for the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation &Sexual Abuse

18 November 2015 – European Day for the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse

"Tell someone you trust" a new animation by Council of Europe which informs 9 to 13 year olds about sexual violence in the circle of trust and how to speak out against it.

The video is a part of a series of initiatives that the Council of Europe and its 47 member states as well as international organisations are undertaking.

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Ombudsman for Children Annual Report 2014

The Ombudsman’s first annual report says children with mental health issues were being accommodated last year in adult psychiatric wards or general children's wards without mental health supports.

The Ombudsman says young people needing care, compassion and specialist treatment were instead just put on suicide watch.

Dr Muldoon said in the second quarter of last year, the Child and Family Agency had only assessed one in five reports of child abuse within the target time of 21 days, leaving over 2,000 children in a vulnerable situation.

CEO Mary Flaherty added on RTE News that there must also be an adequate long-term therapeutic response for children after a disclosure of abuse has been made.

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Calls to Helpline about Rape and Sexual Assault continue to rise - 43% increase since 2012

In 2012, CARI first noticed a marked increase in calls to the helpline in relation to rape and sexual assault. We also noticed that in many of these cases, both the victim and the alleged perpetrators were teenagers. These figures steadily increased in 2013 and now, by the end of 2014, worryingly show an overall 43% increase over the three years.

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CARI Welcomes Passing of the Children’s Referendum

CARI welcomes the decision and are confident that over the decades ahead, this milestone change for children in our constitution will ensure their greater protection in all legal proceedings affecting them and in society as a whole.

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