One Percent Difference

Everyone Can Make a Difference

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The One Percent Difference is a new way of giving that enables everyone to give regardless of their financial situation.

The idea is simple. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, we all give the same – 1%.

How this 1% commitment is used, and the difference it will make, is up to you.

It's one percent of you. One percent of your time or one percent of your income, to a charity or cause you believe in – CARI.

The 1% Difference is a movement where everyone gives 1% of themselves to good causes. Join us & spread the word!

Visit to discover:

  • Your unique Giver Profile
  • What causes are close to your heart and how to help out!
  • How do you stack up against famous givers throughout history?

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For further information on how you can help CARI please contact Patricia on 01 8308529 or email