Hot Chocolate Mornings

Hot chocolate fundraisers are a great idea for students in school to get involved and help CARI to fundraise. They can be cheaply, easily and quickly put together and done. Hot chocolate fundraisers involve very little preparation and clean up after. Coming into the colder months hot chocolate is a very popular idea to keep students warm and give them a pick up during the long days at school.













How To Do

  • Students need to find a designated area in the school that they can set up the stand or booth. This area needs to be accessible by students and in a place that they will be noticed.
  • A limited amount of equipment is needed for the hot chocolate. Cups that are suitable for warm drinks are necessary to avoid any accidents. A large amount of hot chocolate mix is the main ingredient for this to be a success. Additional ingredients like mini marshmallows or cream will be appreciated by the customers however they are not essential.
  • Setting up near a kitchen in the school would be the most suitable for this project. A hot water boiler would assist in making the large amount of hot chocolate. Access to the kitchen will allow for a constant topping up of water.
  • A thermos will also keep any hot chocolate made hot until it is required by a customer.

Hot chocolate brewing can differ according to the brand so we recommend reading the instructions on the pack but these are the general guide lines:

  • Add two tea spoons of hot chocolate powder to the cup
  • Add in the water till the cup is almost ¾ full. Swap this for hot milk for creamy delight!
  • Stir until the powder mixture is blended into the mixture and no lumps remain