Easter Hampers

Have a raffle in your workplace for CARI. We will deliver one of these beautiful hampers to you complete with raffle tickets. For more details click here.

Therapy and support for children 

CARI provides child-centred therapy for children and adolescents and support for their parents,

carers and families who have been affected by child sexual abuse. CARI also provides therapy to children, up to (and including) twelve year olds, who present with sexualised behaviours. More

Make a difference to the lives of children affected by Child Sexual Abuse (CSA)

CARI is dependent on State funding from the HSE and other statutory agencies

and on voluntary contributions raised through community and corporate fundraising. More.

Child Sexual abuse is a serious crime

Child sexual abuse occurs when an adult uses his or her power and authority to force or persuade a child to take part in sexual activities for his/her gratification or sexual arousal, or for that of others. More

    The HSE receives 3,385 new cases of child sexual abuse every year*

    'Services for children affected by sexual abuse across the country are PATCHY and INADEQUATE and much less developed than those for adults who were abused in their childhood' *stats from 2013

    Concerned? Need help? Call Us


    The CARI Helpline (Lo Call 1890 92 4567), a specialised NATIONAL service is the overarching resource provided by CARI and often the first point of contact for those concerned about or affected by child sexual abuse. The CARI Helpline has responded to approximately 1,300 calls per year since 2006. Full details.


    CASS- Child Accompaniment Support Services

    CARI provides support and advocacy to children (and their parents, carers or guardians) who have to go to court to testify as to their own sexual abuse or to sexual abuse or another crime they may have witnessed. Full details.




    CARI needs your help

    CARI depends on voluntary contributions to maintain and grow its services for children affected by child sexual abuse. From running your own cake sale to running an ‘Iron Man’ – your energy, time and fundraising is invaluable to us. Here is how to get involved.







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    Annual Report 2013 & 2014

    Download our annual report (PDF).