CARI is a registered charity that provides therapy and support to children, families and groups affected by child sexual abuse. CARI is currently recruiting for these positions:


Responsible to: Head of Therapy Department/CE Manager (in the case of members of a CE Scheme only)

Principle duties:

  • To answer all incoming calls to the therapy department-calls should be answered in rotation when more than one telephone advisor is available.
  • To be familiar with service available for children who have experience of abuse.
  • To take responsibility for keeping up to date with issues relating to child sexual abuse, including media reports and professional publications as well as current legal perspectives.
  • To assess the clients’ needs and to offer appropriate service.
  • To keep a clear, concise and accurate record of the telephone session in accordance with therapy department procedures.
  • To follow up the telephone session if appropriate.
  • To attend regular supervision as arranged by the Head of Therapy.
  • To attend training events as arranged by the Head of Therapy.

Secondary Duties:

  • To open the front door for client’s attending CARI for face to face counselling or assessment appointment.
  • To offer support to colleague who may have experience a difficult telephone call.
  • To check that therapy room is ready for sessional therapists prior to their arrival.
  • To ensure that department room is quiet and comfortable working space for everyone.
  • Any other duties as deemed necessary by the Head of Therapy in consultation with the telephone advisor.
  • Attend staff meetings.

All telephone advisers working in the therapy department at CARI are expected to comply with the code of ethics and practice of CARI Foundation which is made available to each person.

Closing date ongoing

CASS Accompaniment Officer

Organisational Relationships

Manager:  CARI Accompaniment Coordinator 

Reports to:  CARI Accompaniment Coordinator

Summary Of Role

  • This role requires the post holder to work in partnership with criminal justice agencies; children and family’s teams; forensic physicians and designated and named child protection professionals and requires highly developed communication and mediation skills.  
  • The post holder will be required to provide support and communication to children and families/carers
  • The post holder will prioritize, assess, plan, evaluate and deliver all relevant aspects of care to an agreed and expected high standard, work closely with the multi-disciplinary team and contribute to the clinical governance process.

Job Purpose

  • The post holder will provide on court accompaniment to children and their families before and during criminal trials.

Principal Duties:

  • To help prepare children on a practical level by explaining the court procedure using age appropriate language.
  • To ensure all legal terminology is clarified for the family.
  • Arrange and accompany both the child and the family to the court in advance of the case.
  • To attend court with the child and their family for the duration of the trial.
  • To provide practical and emotional support to both the child and their family throughout the process.
  • To record all phone calls and meetings with clients and update all files.
  • To provide statistics on the service regarding phone call activity, meeting activity as well as a record on our referral history.
  • To record all CASS activity on a monthly basis to report back to the CASS Coordinator.
  • To have weekly case management with the CASS Coordinator. 
  • To attend regular supervision as arranged by the Head of Therapy/Team Leader. 

Secondary Duties:

  • To attend all forums organised by the Commission for Support of the Victims of Crime.
  • To ensure all duties which arise from these forums are attended to, efficiently in a timely manner.
  • To liaise and network with peer support groups, to maintain strong relations.
  • To continually seek productive ways in which to raise the profile of the service to the relevant bodies on a national level.
  • To ensure all clients related materials are locked away at the end of each working day.
  • Any other duties as deemed necessary by the CASS Coordinator in consultation with the Court Accompaniment Officer.

Closing date: ongoing

All roles are CE positions which involves working a 19.5 hour week and requires the applicant to be in receipt of social welfare payments for 12 months and assigned to an Intreo Officer.

If you have any questions about eligibility please contact the CARI Dublin offices and ask to speak to:

Marie Byrne, Helpline Team Leader, CARI | 01 8308529

If you are interested in either position please send a copy of your CV  along with a cover letter to:

Dolores Byrne, Community Employment Manager, CARI | 01 8308529