CARI’s Role




  • CARI is a leading voluntary organisation with a proven track record in providing child centered specialised therapy and support to children, families and groups affected by child sexual abuse, regardless of means
  • Children will be referred to CARI when they have disclosed sexual abuse (or may be a confidant of the disclosure) and when they disclosure has been investigated by the appropriate authorities. Children will also be referred to CARI if they have witnessed sexual assaults on a child or adult or if they are siblings of the above.
  • CARI responds to and reaches out to those affected by abuse and supports them during the recovering process, endeavouring to ensure that the child sexual abuse is seen as an experience but not a defining event of the child’s life
  • Through therapy CARI offers children a supportive ally and safe environment and instils hope, trust and confidence allowing these children return to the path of normal development and reach their potential
  • CARI also provides therapy to children, up to and including 12 years who are showing signs of Sexually Harmful behaviour
  • Children who have had therapy can come back at any time to CARI as they grow up for further therapy and support 
  • Therapy at CARI is provided by trained and experienced psychotherapists and each client is offered an appropriate therapy/ treatment plan to meet their specific needs.
  • Children and young people who have been abused show tremendous resilience and often lead their own healing process
  • CARI, a registered charity and has two full time centres in Dublin and Limerick. 
  • For information CARI does not provide validation or assessment of child sexual abuse, assessment or therapeutic services for adult perpetrators of child sexual abuse, residential services or assessment of child sexual abuse for prosecution of defence in legal proceedings.